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SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide

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:announcement: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide

Post  SecsyRed on Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:03 pm

Guide to Protection Paladin 4.0.6 PVP

Some of you guys asked me to teach you how to play prot paladin. Since i do not have the proper time and nervers for each of you i decided to make a guide for protection paladin.
Most parts of this guide are from this guide (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1020864255) I will modifiy it for our server, that has his issues.

REMEMBER this miniguide has been modified only for Zwowz server, its not a general guide!

So here is in my opinion the best way to play a prot pally on zwowz and srry for my english:

1. Mechanics Overview

The good news is that Prot is a viable PVP spec Smile

Prot is a good fit for you if:
* You want to be a melee, and
* You want to be durable, and
* You want to have the capability of generating solid burst damage, and
* You want to have tools to support groups but understand your healing is limited to spot-healing at best

Here is a brief summary of the spec’s mechanics:

1. Our spec-defining ability is Avenger's Shield (AS), which is an excellent ranged ability that interrupts/silences the target and when glyphed can provide good burst and apply a daze effect
2. Our cast-time heals are mana inefficient and do not heal for large amounts. We do have a mana-free "mitigation" heal called Word of Glory (WoG) that is instant cast
3. We have multiple mitigation abilities to work with, and when chained together they significantly increase time-to-live
4. Shield of the Righteous (SotR) is our new melee “Execute” ability capable of big burst when used with 3 stacks of HoPo and the Sacred Duty (SD) buff
5. Mana typically isn't an issue as long as you keep casting Judgement and are careful not to spam-cast cast-time heals
6. Our Judgement spells have been replaced by one Judgement spell. The downside to this is we don’t have the pre-4.0 flexibility of mixing Seals and Judgments with different effects, e.g. the popular combination of Judgement of Justice (applies debuff that limits run speed) with the damage-over-time (DoT) Seal. To apply the run speed limiting debuff in 4.0 you have to use Seal of Justice but the catch is your damage will take a significant hit relative to using Seal of Truth, which is a scaled-down version of the old Seal of Vengeance / Corruption
7. We no longer cast Holy Shield (HS); the HS buff is triggered through the use of Shield of the Righteous (SotR) or WoG. The HS buff has a modest impact in PVP – it increases damage blocked from 30% to 40% (mitigation not chance).

2. Resource Mechanics

We have two resources to manage:

1. Mana
2. Holy Power

We generate mana via the Judgments of the Wise built-in passive which generates 30% of our mana over 10 seconds. The Sanctuary talent also generates mana when we Block or Dodge. That being said, there are some situations where you may find yourself getting low on mana:

* You are chain casting heals, e.g. Flash of Light (FoL)
* Your target is > 10 yards away so you can’t cast Judgement
* You use mana-intensive abilities, such as Holy Radiance (HR) or Consecration without the talent Hallowed Ground (HG)

I’ve found it helpful to invest 2 points in Improved Judgement (IJ) to extend the range of Judgement to 30 yards. More on this later. I don’t think HG is worth the investment so I only use Consecration when I have enough mana to work with.

We still have Divine Plea (DP) to regen mana, but with the change in 4.0.3a to Shield of the Templar, the most valuable use for Prot for DP is to generate 3 Holy Power instantly.

As of Patch 4.0, all Paladins have a new class mechanic called Holy Power (HoPo). For Prot, Hammer of the Righteous (HotR) and Crusader Strike (CS) build 1 HoPo per use – assuming the blow is not dodge/parried and the target is not immune – up to 3 total (note that HotR and CS now have a shared 3-second cooldown).

We have to manage HoPo carefully. It’s advisable to use your ranged attacks (e.g. AS, Judgment) while closing a gap so that you can cast HotR / CS as soon as you are in melee range to build HoPo.

At 85, you can spend HoPo to cast:

* SotR for the burst damage
* WoG for the heal
* Inquisition for the damage buff

It’s worth noting that HoPo builds up even when you are using an ability on a bubbled or Ice Block’d target – so even though you can’t harm your target you can build HoPo.

I like the HoPo mechanic because it adds flexibility and situational control – YOU can choose how to spend it and it makes gameplay more dynamic. It reminds me of the awesome Righteous Fury mechanic from Warhammer Online.

3. Burst and Sustained Damage Mechanics

Yes you heard it right, prot paladins can burst.
So you need to get minimum 60% vengeance, thats arround 6-7 k ap depending of your hp pool.
When you have 60% + vengeance stacked you will want to make sure you have the proc Sacred Duty up(that ensures your sotr to crtical hit 100%), get 3 holy power, cast Inquisition and press the burst macro then cast AV(avenger shield) and SotR(Shield of the Righteus).

Burst macro i use is here:
#showtooltip Avenging Wrath
/use Vicious Gladiator's Badge of Victory
/use Golemblood Potion
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Divine Plea

We generate most of our burst from the following abilities:

* AS
* SotR
* Hammer of Wrath (HoW) on targets at 20% or less health

One case where Inquisition is valuable is when casting it prior to a high-burst sequence with Avenging Wrath and a 3-HoPo SotR with Sacred Duty up.

It’s worth noting that these (and some other Paladin) attacks deal Holy damage, which is not mitigated by any resistance. If you’ve read my class guides for other games, you may recall that I favor non-Physical damage, e.g. Swordmaster’s Spirit damage in Warhammer Online and Orc Reaver’s Fire damage in LOTRO, because targets tend to feel equally squishy when you are dealing damage that is not mitigated by armor or resistance.

AS has a 15-second cooldown, and that cooldown can be reset via a 20% proc (with talents) from HotR / CS. Because of this, you want to use AS early and often. Pre-4.0 sometimes we would wait for the right moment to use AS (e.g. chain CC a Healer/Caster for a burst sequence) but that rationale isn’t as valid anymore.

SotR packs a wallop when it crits at 3 HoPo. In general, you should not use SotR unless

* You have 3 HoPo, due to the damage scaling, and
* You have the Sacred Duty (SD) buff proc from Judgment

The SD buff guarantees that SotR will crit. Given that our Crit % has dropped significantly at 85 (i.e. from ~25% at 80 to < 10% at 85) it’s unlikely that SotR will crit without SD.

We generate solid sustained damage from our Seal of Truth (SoT) ability, which is a scaled-down version of the pre-4.0 Seal of Vengeance / Seal of Corruption. It’s also our only DoT so it’s useful for whittling away kiting targets or when we’re CC’d. As of 4.0.6 all single target attacks (including Judgement, Hammer of Wrath, Exorcism, and Templar’s Verdict) can now trigger SoT.

CS and HotR are our main spam attacks so their total damage adds up – typically ~20% of my total damage. They share the same cooldown. CS is Physical damage and delivers decent burst. HotR is an AOE that delivers low single-target Physical damage and AOE Holy damage. I generally favor CS over HotR because it hits significantly harder and PVP is often about focus-firing one target at a time.

4. Healing Mechanics

With the increase in HP pool sizes to 120K+ in blue PVP gear and the lack of scaling for our cast-time heals, we are limited in terms of our in-combat healing capability at 85:

* FoL is very mana intensive (~20% of total mana) but only heals for ~8% of max HP
* Divine Light (DL) has a long cast time and is therefore easy to pushback/interrupt/silence. Holy Light (HL) takes as long to cast as DL, but if you have the Crusader talent proc HL heals for more than DL, so HL is a nice patch-up heal after you get a killing blow and can freecast a slow heal
* WoG heals for ~4% of max HP per HoPo, so it’s not worth using the cooldown unless you have multiple stacks or you really need a heal immediately to buy time
* We have an AoE HoT called Holy Radiance (HR)
* Lay on Hands (LoH) is our silver bullet, but it has a lengthy cooldown (10m or 7m glyphed) and is not usable in arena
* Seal of Insight (SoI) isn’t guaranteed to proc on melee auto attacks and it heals for a very low amount, so this seal is not worth using for Prot. The mana regen effect from SoI is not useful given that we have other effective mana regen tools already.

I consider WoG and HR to be “mitigation heals” – they will not outheal incoming damage but they will enable you to stretch out a fight.

When you overheal with WoG, with the Guarded by the Light (GbtL) talent that excess WoG healing is converted into a temporary bubble.

To boost your healing output, you can glyph SoI and WoG (credit: Donnar), but given that our heals don’t scale well at 85, I would recommend taking 0 or 1 of those glyphs.

5. Bubble Mechanics

As with pre-4.0, we can cast Hand of Protection (HoP) on friendly targets to bubble them from Physical damage.

What has changed in 4.0/Cata:

* Sacred Shield (SS) is now a Ret talent and therefore not available to Holy or Prot @ 85
* Divine Shield (DS) duration was reduced from 12 to 8 second
* Divine Protection (DPr) has been changed to a 10-second 20% damage mitigation ability for the Paladin on a 1-min cooldown that no longer procs the Forbearance debuff. So this is an ability that should get a lot of use whenever you are taking focus fire. It is dispellable
* The passive talent Ardent Defender (AD) was changed from a passive to on-use ability (ugh!) and is dispellable
* We gain an awesome mitigation ability at 85 called Guardian of Ancient Kings (GoAK) which is not dispellable and mitigates damage by 50% for 12s. This ability in some ways is better than DS because your damage output is not affected, the duration is 50% longer, and it does not put Forbearance on you

Per Tullkas’s testing, when you use both DPr and AD, they stack additively (20% + 20% = 40% total mitigation, or 60% damage taken). DPr / AD seem to stack multiplicatively with GoAK; i.e. if you have GoAK and DPr up at the same time, you take 40% damage (50% mitigated by GoAK, then 20% of the remaining 50% of the damage is mitigated by DPr).

When we block a melee attack with a shield, we mitigate 30% of the damage or 40% if HS is up. Note that we can’t block spells, which limits the value of the Block and Mastery stats.

6. Crowd Control Mechanics

Our stun, Hammer of Justice (HoJ), has a cooldown of 40 seconds with talents.

The daze (snare/slow) effect was removed from the base AS ability but you can and should glyph it back.

Aside from AS, our only “snare” ability is SoJ, but it’s not really a snare, it’s a run speed limiting debuff. As noted in the Overview, we can’t mix and match different Seals and Judgments as we did pre-4.0, because now there is only 1 Judgement spell. Note that SoJ only applies on melee attacks, so you have to close to melee range first before the debuff is applied, whereas pre-4.0 we could apply Judgement of Justice from range.

In 4.0.6 all Paladins can train Rebuke, which is a melee interrupt on a 10 sec cooldown that lockouts the target from the interrupted spell’s school for 4 sec.

7. Seal Mechanics

We have four Seals:

* Seal of Insight (SoI): chance to restore mana/health on melee hit
* Seal of Judgement (SoJ): applies run-buff removing debuff on melee hit
* Seal of Righteousness (SoR): adds Holy damage on melee hit
* Seal of Truth (SoT): same as the pre-4.0 SoV/SoC DoT on melee hit

SoI provides a very minor amount of healing and is therefore not helpful for Prot. In my experience you don’t need SoI for mana regen if you have IJ talented or when you are fighting melees and have Sanctuary talented as your Blocks regen mana. (FWIW, SoI isn’t useful for Prot PVE either, because we glyph SoT to provide an Expertise bonus, and this is necessary to reduce chance for a boss to Parry / Dodge, and the Parry decrease is a big factor as Parry resets a boss’s swing timer.)

SoJ is situational. I’ve found that the effect’s value has been decreased with the increased usage we get out of AS and the fact that you have to melee to apply the debuff, whereas pre-4.0 you could cast JoJ up to 10 yards away to apply the debuff.

SoR adds a flat amount of damage to melee attacks and Judgement but it never crits.

SoT is superior to SoR as a DPS seal in PVP. SoT DoT ticks (Censure in the Combat Log) can crit, and once SoT is stacked to 5, every attack delivers extra damage (Seal of Truth in the Combat Log). As of 4.0.6 all single target attacks (including Judgement, Hammer of Wrath, Exorcism, and Templar’s Verdict) can now trigger SoT.

8. Team Support Mechanics

As with pre-4.0, we can cast Hand of Protection (HoP) on friendly targets to bubble them from Physical damage.

Divine Guardian (DG) was changed to be an AOE raid buff that decreases damage taken – without transferring that damage to the Paladin – and this scales incredibly well the more friendly targets are under attack. Given the lack of damage transfer we can no longer use DG as a tool to pre-emptively break CC such as Sheep/Blind/etc. However, we still have Hand of Sacrifice (HoS) which transfers damage from the friendly target to the Paladin.

In mass combat it’s very helpful to cast DG and HR – this can buy just enough time for friendlies to survive to affect the outcome of a big fight.

In 4.0, the Druid buff Mark of the Wild (MotW) and Paladin buff Blessing of Kings (BoK) provide the same buff, so if you have a Druid in your party/raid you should buff Blessing of Might (BoM).

9. Recommended Talents and Glyphs

These are my talents and glyphs:

SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide Ghlyps Glyphs

SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide Talentsb Talents are optimized, didnt took the buged or nonworking talents.

Here are comments on the mechanics of select Prot talents:

1. Eternal Glory (EG): we are dependent on HoPo for our healing (WoG) and SotR burst damage, and EG makes 30% of your WoG casts consume no HoPo
2. Grand Crusader (GC): synergizes with AS by having a 20% chance to remove the cooldown when using HotR or CS. Amazing talent
3. Sacred Duty: synergizes with SotR to make it crit more often. Amazing talent
4. Shield of the Templar (SotT): this talent provides multiple benefits – in particular it reduces GoAK’s cooldown from 5 min to 3 min and enables Divine Plea to instantly generate 3 HoPo

Guarded by the Light (GbtL) buffs WoG healing and causes it to proc the HS block buff, which provides a modest mitigation increase. GbtL is no longer must-have as it was in 4.0 before 4.0.3a, but I still take it.

You’ll notice that I took all the Prot tree talents (31 points total) except the following:

* Toughness: armor is useless against bleeds and non-Physical damage (i.e. Spells)
* Hallowed Ground: buffs Consecration. I passed on this talent because most players will simply move of Consecration and the cooldown of Consecration is too high for my liking

As far as where to invest talent points outside of the Prot tree:

* Crusade: buffs the damage from our main spam attacks so it’s worth considering. As of 4.0.3a, also procs the Crusader buff which increases the next HL heal by 300%
* Improved Judgement (IJ): the extra 20 yard range for Judgement is surprisingly useful. It not only provides better ranged damage capability but also helps mana regeneration when you have no nearby targets to Judge and can drop a target down to the HoW threshold. Some Paladins IMO greatly underestimate IJ’s utility in PVP
* Rule of Law: provides a 15% increase in Crit rate for frequently-used abilities (CS/HotR and WoG)
* Pursuit of Justice (PoJ): buffs movement by 15%, which is better than any enchant. And it enables some CC effects cast on you to generate 1 HoPo

For Prime Glyphs: SotR and WoG are must-have. Your 3rd glyph should either be CS or SoT. With CS no longer generating HoPo if the target dodges/parries, it’s now worthwhile to glyph SoT for the Expertise buff, which should reduce your target’s chance to dodge by 2.5% and parry by 2.5%.

There are 2 must-have Major Glyphs:

1. Dazing Shield Major Glyph: applies the run debuff daze effect we had prior to 4.0
2. Focused Shield Major Glyph: this is the same glyph was had pre-4.0 for buffing AS damage

For the 3rd Major Glyph, I recommend taking Hammer of Justice (HoJ) – the extra 5 yards to our stun can be a life-saver. You can also slot LoH, which in 4.0.3a was changed from a Minor to Major glyph. Situationally (i.e. against Locks and DK’s) Turn Evil is very useful.

For Minor Glyphs: doesn’t really matter. I slotted both Blessings. I would have thought Insight would be worthwhile but you typically won’t go OOM – I slotted Truth.


10. Stats / Enchants / Gems / Gear Recommendations


Summary: Strength and Resilience are our most important PVP stats

* Each point of Strength grants 2 AP (2.10 with BoK/MotW) and through the Touched by the Light (TbtL) passive 0.60 Spell Power (0.63 with BoK/MotW). TbtL is the reason why Prot favors Strength over Attack Power (AP). If you want to boost your damage and healing, this is the stat to stack
* Resilience provides passive always-on mitigation (i.e. reduction) for all damage in PVP. If you want to improve your survivability, this is the most important stat. Note that once you have a full set of PVP gear, you probably won’t need to gem/enchant any Resil – what you get from gear and socket bonuses is sufficient – and in most PVP situations opponents won’t be targeting you anyway (unless you are the Flag Carrier)

Some players have theorized that Intellect is better than Strength point-for-point as many Paladin abilities have coefficients for Spell Power. Given that we “double-dip” from Str with the TbtL mechanic, Str is better point-for-point compared to Int.

Stat Myths

There are a lot of guides that are (unfortunately) providing misinformation about which stats to stack for Prot. I’ll go through stat myths one-by-one.

“Stack Mastery to boost your survivability”

The Prot Mastery Divine Bulwark boosts Block %, but Block doesn’t do anything against Spells. Mastery does provide some value against melee opponents but not enough to stack.

In addition, you can only block attacks from your front-facing and when you are not incapacitated.

You will gain far more survivability from Resilience than Mastery.

“Stack Stamina to boost your survivability”

Stam does not scale based on the amount of incoming damage whereas Resilience does. For other classes (esp Healers) there may be valid arguments for stacking Stam.

I have seen the benefits of passive mitigation, from stats such as Resilience, over Stam in other games – e.g. Toughness in WAR.

“Stack Stamina because it provides a DPS boost via Vengeance”

Vengeance only consistently stacks anywhere near max in PVE because bosses deal very high sustained DPS which more than offsets the fast rate of Vengeance decay. However in PVP you will rarely get to 75% max Vengeance, let alone 100%. You can easily test this in PVP with the Vengeance Status addon.
Keep in mind that any additional benefit from stacking Stam would only kick in after you reach the amount of Vengeance before stacking Stam. Therefore, stacking Stam for the DPS benefit would be as helpful as wearing a floatable life vest while driving a car to prevent drowning – it might help in that rare case you drive into a body of water but otherwise it’s of no value.

“Haste is a good stat for Prot”

Haste is pretty useless for Prot. Remember that Prot is an ability-cooldown-limited spec, not a global-cooldown-limited spec, and that the vast majority of our abilities are instant cast. The only benefits you get from stacking Haste are fasting cast-time heals and slightly faster auto-attacks. In most situations the only in-combat cast-time heal you’ll be able to reliably cast is FoL and it already has a short cast-time and its main mechanics issues (mana inefficiency, small healing amount) are not addressed with Haste.

If you are wondering why Ret Pallies talk about Haste so much – it reduces the cooldown of CS through the Sanctity of Battle talent, which is not applicable for Prot.

* Weapon: Landslide or Avalanche
* Shield: Titanium Plating - please note this is a must-have for the 50% Disarm reduction as we can't generate HoPo when Disarmed
* Head: 60 Str/35 Resil (PVP enchant)
* Shoulders: 50 Str/25 Crit (Therazane faction) or 50 Str / 25 Resil (PVP enchant)
* Back: 65 or 50 Crit
* Chest: 20 Stats, 15 Stats, or 40 Resil
* Wrist: 50 Str, 65 Crit, or 50 Hit
* Hands: 50 or 35 Strength
* Waist: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle for the 2nd gem slot
* Legs: Dragonscale Leg Armor
* Feet: 50 Hit

* Red sockets: always Str
* Yellow sockets: Str/Crit, Str/Resil, or Resil
* Blue sockets: Str/Hit
* Meta socket: Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond (+54 Str and 3% Increased Critical Damage)


Reforge the following stats to Hit until you reach the 5% cap, then reforge to Crit:

* Haste (almost completely useless for Prot)
* Mastery (only helpful against melees) DOES NOT WORK on our server, so reforge it!
* Expertise (actually not that bad, reduces avoidance for any target)

In general you should stick with PVP gear instead of PVE gear, given that there are 1+ PVP items with Strength and Resilience for each slot. You want to use the Pally Scaled PVP set and off-set plate pieces and the accessories that have Strength on them.

Make sure that your first purchase with Conqueror points is a/the weapon – this is the case for any MDPS class or Hunter. Get the Mace (Vicious Gladiator’s Bonecracker) or Axe (Vicious Gladiator’s Hacker), as these have the highest max-damage number for 2.6 Str weapons. The Sword (Vicious Gladiator’s Slicer) is a no-no because it has a lower max-damage number and PVP is all about burst. If you play a Human or Dwarf Paladin, take the Mace over the Axe per the 3 Expertise racial
For PVP shield, get Vicious Gladiator’s Shield Wall.

Aside from the classic PVP trinket which removes CC, we have two Str trinkets available that have different mechanics:

* Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s Badge of Victory: 1520 Str for 20 sec, 2 min cooldown, activated on-use
* Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s Insignia of Victory: 912 Str for 20 sec, 1 min internal cooldown, proc chance of 15%

Which trinket (Insignia or Badge) depends on what are you trying to maximize:

* For controlled burst, go with the Badge
* For higher average benefit, go with the Insignia
Lots of variations for the gear but the vici set and these 3 pve pieces are in my opinion a must. If you are human you could take Heart of Rage instead the PvP Trinket.

All vicious gear + 3 pve gear:

11. General PVP Tips and Tactics

1. When closing the gap to opponents, open with AS and Judgement – there is no point anymore in saving AS. You want to use CS or HotR as soon as you are in melee range to start building HoPo and to proc the cooldown reset for AS
2. Use enemy Pets as Holy Power batteries, esp as you are making your way to your target while they are kiting you. Against Mages, do not get caught in No Man’s Land – where you are taking fire from the Mage and their pets but are out of melee range of any of them
3. Remember that CS / HotR will not build Holy Power on an Immune (e.g. bubbled / Ice Block’d) target or a target that dodges or parries your attack (e.g. Rogue with Evasion), so plan accordingly
4. If you are low on health and have 3 Holy Power and your opponent is also at low health but above Hammer of Wrath range, you can choose to finish with SotR or heal with WoG. If you go with WoG you have a 30% chance to get an EG proc which restores those 3 Holy Power and you can use SotR immediately. It really depends on the situation, but against DPS classes going the WoG route is the more conservative play in 1v1s
5. If you need to bubble yourself to heal up, it’s a good idea to use a GCD while you’re bubbled to cast Judgement, which procs your mana regen. Then spam-cast FoL. That way you can heal up without going bone dry on mana

12. Macros

Macros can be a HUGE help for simplifying your keybinds and thereby improving gameplay. Below are some of the key macros you see me using throughout my videos.

CS / Judgement:

This macro is simply for convenience, so I can hit the same button at least 3 times in a row when engaging a target in melee range:


/castsequence reset=2 crusader strike, judgement, crusader strike

I do also keybind Judgement separately, so that I can use it without having to use CS first.

HotR / Judgement:

Same macro as the previous one, but for HotR


/castsequence reset=2 hammer of the righteous, judgement, hammer of the righteous

Bubble Me or You or Us:


/cast [mod] divine guardian; [help] hand of protection; divine shield

Here’s how this macro works:

* If you hit the macro with the Ctrl key, you bubble everyone else
* If you have a friendly player targeted and you hit the macro, you bubble them with HoP
* If you don’t have a friendly player targeted you bubble yourself with DS

As a side note, I map this macro to the “B” key (“B” as in “Bubble”) for easy recall.

Mitigation Chaining (DP / GoAK / AD) :

/cast [mod] guardian of ancient kings
/castsequence reset=30 divine protection, guardian of ancient kings, ardent defender

Divine Plea On / Off:

/cancelaura Divine Plea
/cast Divine Plea

Pressing this once will cast DP, which generates 3 HoPo, and pressing it again will remove DP. This is a great macro if you need an emergency WoG heal or SotR.

Cast-Time Heal:

/cast [mod] holy light
/cast [@focus, mod:shift, nodead] flash of light; flash of light

If you press Ctrl with this macro, you cast HL. Otherwise, you cast FoL on your focus (with Shift) or your current target / self.

WoG Focus Heal:

/cast [mod] holy radiance
/cast [@focus, mod:shift, nodead] word of glory; word of glory

If you press Ctrl with this macro, you cast HR. Otherwise, you cast WoG on your focus (with Shift) or your current target / self.

Hand of Sacrifice:

#showtooltip hand of sacrifice
/cast [help] hand of sacrifice; [target=focus, exists, nodead] hand of sacrifice

If you have a friendly player targeted, this casts HoS on them. Otherwise this macro casts it on your focus target, if you have one.

In-Combat Aura Switch:


/castsequence retribution aura, resistance aura

Before engaging in combat, use this macro to get to the Aura you want to have up. Then during combat you can simply hit the macro to switch to the other Aura. For simplicity, I map this macro to the “A” key (“A” as in “Aura”) for easy recall.

Maximum Burst
Cast Inquisition (with your 2 HoPo) for 8 secs

Activate my macro:
/use Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s badge of Victory
/cast Divine Plea
/cast Avenging Wrath

Then SotR

PVP Self-Buff:

No Druid around, use this:

/castsequence reset=10 blessing of kings, seal of truth

With a Druid around, use this:

/castsequence reset=10 blessing of might, seal of truth

13. UI / Addons / Power Auras

To turn on enemy health bars with class colors with the default UI functionality:
1. to show the health bar over all players, use the keybind for Show All Name Plates
2. to color the health bars of enemy players per their class: check the box for: Options | Interface| Combat | Class Colors in Nameplates

I recommend the following addons specifically for Prot:

* Range Display: this simple but highly useful addon shows distance to target, focus, and mouseover
* Power Auras: highly customizable addon that can display buffs, debuffs, procs, etc. Non-trivial to learn. Below are some Auras I use
* OmniCC: displays numeric cooldown over your abilities
* Quartz: elegant cast bar addon, shows latency
* Rogue Spam Reborn: suppresses annoying error messages including "you have no target" or "out of range" et al
* Vengeance Status: displays your current Vengeance AP buff. RAWR!
** Bartender 4 - Customizable buttons, spell bars
Btex - cool layer
DrDamage - very good macro that aproximates the dmg, shows you crit chance, and much more for every single spell.
Juked - Countdow for the evemy spells, with this you can see when next fear or shadow dance of ur enemys are ready or are on cd.
LoseControl - shows you the cc buffs that are affecting you in that moment and the remaining duration.

For Arenas, the following two addons are must-have:

* Gladius: provides enemy health, mana, and casting bars
* Gladiminish: enhances Gladius to provide diminishing return timers for CC

Power Auras

Please do not ask me technical questions about how to use PA, you can ask those on the addon site.

Here are some of my auras:

* Hammer of Wrath: when HoW is usable on your target, this aura displays the HoW icon and makes a clear sword unsheathing sound

Version:4.4; ignoremaj:false; icon:INV_Hammer_04; buffname:Hammer of Wrath; x:99; bufftype:7; owntex:true; isResting:0; inVehicle:0; sound:50; exact:true; size:0.15; texmode:2; ismounted:0

* Sacred Duty: when SD procs, this aura displays the SD icon with the timer til the buff expires and makes a clear bell ringing sound

Version:4.4; ignoremaj:false; icon:Ability_Paladin_JudgementRed; buffname:Sacred Duty; x:136; owntex:true; isResting:0; mine:true; inVehicle:0; sound:36; exact:true; size:0.15; texmode:2; ismounted:0; timer.g:0.1882; timer.h:1.11; timer.enabled:true; timer.r:0.1451; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:BOTTOM; timer.Transparent:true

* Crusade: if you land the KB on an opponent, you get this buff icon with timer. The buff increases your next HL cast by 300%

Version:4.9; ignoremaj:false; icon:Spell_Holy_Crusade; buffname:Crusader; x:172; owntex:true; isResting:0; mine:true; inVehicle:0; sound:61; exact:true; size:0.15; texmode:2; ismounted:0; timer.g:0.1882; timer.h:1.11; timer.enabled:true; timer.r:0.1451; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:BOTTOM; timer.Transparent:true


Other Myths

Secsyred hacks(not) because she doesent take any damage: inteligent use of the Guarded by the Light talent can make you absorb large ammounts of damage.

Picture: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide Sacredsheild

Secsyred hacks(not) because she makes too much damage: a full stack of buffs, vengeance and burst macro can make you do some really "wow" damage like any other class. A prot paladin can reach 42k ap power with buffs, vengeance and burst macro then hit some cool numbers. So there is no hack in it just inteliget use of the ingame mechanics.

So be felixible and creative, i hope this guide helped.

Picture: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide Megadmg


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:announcement: Re: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide

Post  Wolv3rine on Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:58 pm

You oddly remind me of Iplaywithhax

SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide 7E3qY
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:announcement: Re: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide

Post  Ner'zhul on Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:08 pm

Dude...how much time u took to write this tutorial .srsly its soo `**** big.However this tutorial is one of best tutorials i eva saw.+1

Temporaly away


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:announcement: Re: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide

Post  Wolv3rine on Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:45 pm

Ner'zhul wrote:Dude...how much time u took to write this tutorial .srsly its soo `**** big.However this tutorial is one of best tutorials i eva saw.+1

SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide 7E3qY
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:announcement: Re: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide

Post  Ner'zhul on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:04 am

dont double copy post dude

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:announcement: Re: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide

Post  Wolv3rine on Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:16 pm

I was agreeing with what he said

SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide 7E3qY
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:announcement: Re: SecsyRed's Protection Paladin PvP Guide

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