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Ideas Needed

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:announcement: Ideas Needed

Post  Anguskhan on Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:54 am

Ok so we are looking into tons of ways to get people onto this server and playing.

First off, we are looking for amazing recruiters. If you are interested, ask me. We do not let recruiting go unrewarded.

Now onto business. We have been talking about several things that Fot and Taber are able to do fairly easily. We just need community support for whatever we do. If we don't have community support, then it won't get done.
-Arena Spectating
-Custom BGs including Vehicle BGs
-Area for High Rated Arena teams to hang out with specialized vendors
-Many more, just can't remember them >.<

Anyways, we have plans for how everything will go. We figure that once we hit 100 people online, we will start an arena season on the first day of the next month. This season will run for one month. After that month, the top team for each of the brackets will get the Gladiator title and mount, along with some other rewards we have not yet determined (possibly some cataclysmic gear for other characters and so on). Later once Rated battleground are fully working, we will do something for the top teams there as well.

When PvE is finally released, the first group to kill each boss will be rewarded with an extra drop token. So far, we have two ideas for PvE and we aren't sure which one we will use.
The First: When you kill the final boss in a dungeon, it drops a single piece of currency that everyone in the group can roll for. That currency can be used to buy any gear of the iLvL that drops from the dungeon/raid you are running. Some pieces of gear may cost 1 currency, some may cost 2-3. We aren't sure yet.
The Second: Justice Points, lots and lots of Justice Point grinding. All of the items will cost a ton of Justice Points, but then everyone in the group will be able to get items instead of just one person. As I said, we aren't sure which method will be better, so we are asking for your input!

We are looking into how certain mounts and titles will be earned. If you have any requests, then post away and we will take it into consideration. The Glad mounts will only be earned through the end of season rewards, some mounts such as Mimiron's Head are VIP only, and some mounts we have already decided how they will be earned. A great portion of mounts and titles are yet to be decided though. If y'all want I can post a full list of the tentative methods to earn them, but we are going to start doing specifics soon. How it boils down to is this. We have 3 ways to get items: Tokens, PvE, and PvP.
Tokens - Earned by doing anything on the server. The event master will give the most tokens for winning the events, compared to other PvE or PvP.
PvE - Done through either dungeons or raids. Dungeons will give currency to buy mounts with, while raids will drop the mounts themselves. We also plan to use the old raids, such as Baradin Hold, and make those otherwise useless bosses drop some nice mounts (such as Vial of Shadows).
PvP - Certain mounts will be bought with honor. Every time you win a BG, you will win a kind of currency, yet to be decided. You can use that currency to buy mounts or other items yet to be decided (give us ideas).
Titles will be earned through tokens, or through a title currency that everything will drop (yes, there will be a ton of currencies). There will also be some bosses that will give you titles for doing a fight on hard mode and whatnot, or titles for winning x amount of bgs. We just have to get ideas for everything. Again, if you have suggestions, put them up.

Anyways, enough of a soapbox, give us your ideas. If you do, we will listen and try to put all of the serious ideas into action (if they are viable). If not, then we will run the server how we want, and it will be a disaster!
-Your friendly neighborhood Gm-Man, Anguskhan

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:announcement: Re: Ideas Needed

Post  Mystik on Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:21 am

I like the stuff that u mentioned above , i just want to note something more u can do. I think that ur gonna be hosting events such as some privates do, i dont really know what kind of PVE events u can host but about PvP , such as 1v1s 2v2s etc , u can reward a currency that will only be awarded from events and with that buying other mounts that are not available , pets , and other kinds of blizzard's collectables such as Tabard of the dark,flame,fury etc.


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