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Hunter Pets

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:announcement: Hunter Pets

Post  Anguskhan on Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:58 am

Here is a list of all of the hunter pets that I am putting in the hunter area. If you wish for another pet to be added, just let us know. Doesn't matter if you want it for looks, if I missed a kind of pet, or whatever.

Rabid Screecher (Bat)
Saltspay Gull (Bird of Prey)
Olm the Wise (Bird of Prey)
Crazed Dragonhawk (Dragonhawk)
Vale Howler (Monkey)
Netherskate (Nether Ray)
Razorfang Hatchling (Ravager)
Coilskar Cobra (Serpent)
Dreadfang Widow (Spider)
Rekk'tilac (Spider)
Sporebat (Sporebat)
Swiftwing Shredder (Wind Serpent)
Mistwing Cliffdweller (Chimaera)
Vekniss Warrior (Silithid)

Angered Arakkoa Protector (Carrion Birds)
Sambas (Cat)
Mountain Mastiff (Dog)
Vargul Blighthound (Dog)
Highlands Fox (Fox)
Slaverjaw (Hyena)
Shimmerwing Moth (Moth)
Spiny Raptor (Raptor)
Devoate Plainstrider (Tallstrider)
Blacksting (Wasp)
Sentry Worg (Wolf)
The Kurken (Core Hound)
King Krush (Devilsaur)
Skoll (Spirit Beast)
Arcturis (Spirit Beast)
Ghostcrawler (Spirit Beast)

Giant Rabid Bear (Bear)
Jeweled Scarab (Beetle)
Rotting Agam'ar (Boar)
Enthralled Crustacean (Crab)
Sewer Beast (Crocolisk)
Konda (Gorilla)
Madexx (Scorpid)
Duneclaw Broodlord (Scorpid)
Scorpid Cliffcrawler (Scorpid)
Terrorpene (Turtle)
Warp Stalker (Warp Stalker)
Wooly Rhino Bull (Rhino)
Rock Borer (Shale Spider)
Ravenous Jormungar (Worm)

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