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Transmog Contest

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:announcement: Transmog Contest

Post  Anguskhan on Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:20 pm

Hello players of Legacy WoW!

Today, we want to bring you a chance to earn a Cataclysmic weapon, for free! We are doing this through a transmogrification (transmog) contest! The contest goes from today until the 31st of October. On the 31st, at 7:00pm server time, we will hold the contest!

The judges will include any GMs that are on at that time. We will take into account the views and opinions of the community, but the final decisions do rest with the judges. Each person is only allowed to include 1 character in the contest, and we will be checking for anyone cheating the system. Also, the transmog outfits must be unique. Do not just use one of the presets on the Transmog NPC in the mall, or it will not count. If you wish to claim an outfit as your own before the contest, so that nobody else can claim it, please take a screenshot of your character in the gear, as well as a list of the gear used, and post it on the forums under the 4.3.4 section, Transmog Contest. That way if someone else happens to have your gear set, you will be known as the original person with that costume. You can save your set any time before the contest, but only once.

There will be multiple prizes, depending on the amount of people that want to enter the contest. Prizes may include titles, mounts, tokens, ruthless, and other items. There will only be one grand prize of a cataclysmic weapon. That being said, may the best player win, and best of luck to everyone. If you have any questions regarding the rules please message me on the forums, NOT in game.

Until the transmog mall is made, I am willing to sell items for 100 tokens a piece. No less than that. I will be the only one selling the items, so don't ask any other GM. Once the mall is made, if you want to buy specific gear, post on the forums under the correct section, and I will add the items to the proper vendors. Otherwise, just send me a message on the forums and I will take care of it. I will need wowhead links to the items you want.


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