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Unholy Death Knight Macros

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:announcement: Unholy Death Knight Macros

Post  Ner'zhul on Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:58 pm

The current macros ima gonna post is which i use in-game.enjoy it

Lichborne Self Heal:

#showtooltip Lichborne
/cast Lichborne
/cast [@ player] Death Coil

Description of macro:When activating Lichborne it allows you to self heal via death coil

Raise dead and Death Pact:

showtooltip Death Pact
/cast [nopet] Raise Dead
/cast Death Pact

Description of macro:This macro allows you to summon a pet.If the pet is already summoned, you can sacrifice the pet with Death Pact

Frenzy Healer

#showtooltip Unholy Frenzy
/cast [@healername] Unholy Frenzy
Description of the macro: This allow you to use Unholy Frenzy on a Healer without targeting him.

Frenzy Pet

#showtooltip Unholy Frenzy
/cast [@pet] Unholy Frenzy

Description of the macro:similar to the Frenzy healer,only thing to changes is your pet which is gonna posses the debuff unholy frenzy

Frenzy Self:

#showtooltip Unholy Frenzy
/cast [@player] Unholy Frenzy

Description of the macro:same as other UF macros ,however it is you who get unholy frenzy debuff.

Raise Dead and Dark Transformation
/cast [nopet] raise dead
/cast Dark Transformation

Description of the macro:This allows you to summon your pet.If your pet is summoned dark transformation will replace Raise dead tooltip and ready to being used.

Disease Rotation:
/castsequence Plague Strike , Icy Touch
Description of macro:This allow you to use Plague Strike and Icy Touch for diseases.

Blood Presence and Huddle:
#showtooltip Blood Presence
#showtooltip Huddle
/cast Blood Presence
/cast Huddle
/cast Unholy Presence
Description of macro:This allow to enable defenses for Blood Presence and Huddle.Clicking again on the macro will switch to Unholy Presence and cancel Huddle effect.

Pet Heal:
#showtooltip Death Coil
/cast [@pet] Death Coil

Description of the macro:This allow you to heal you pet without lose your enemy target.

/cast Leap
/cast Gnaw

Description of the macro:This allow you to leap and stun the target at same time.

Chains of Ice:

#showtooltip Chains of Ice
/cast [target=mouseover] Chains of Ice
Description of the macro:This allow you to cast Chais of ice mouseover the target

#showtooltip Blood Tap
/cast Blood Tap
/cast Horn of Winter
Description of Macro:Clicking on this macro,theres a chance to proc a death rune plus to refresh a rune on cooldown

And Thats all.Enjoy it

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