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Farewell ZwowZ/ LegacyWoW.

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:announcement: Farewell ZwowZ/ LegacyWoW.

Post  Bowsnhoes on Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:24 am

This is my farewell...

few things to say..
1.if your a bitch, you will get treated like one, no its/ands/ or but's.

2. if your fucking stubborn, enjoy the long road to failure.

3. if you suck at something... go try something else... don't get mad at the other people who are better than you at that "something"... (Abuse banning me).

4. If your going to make rules, follow those rules yourself.... don't give advice when you don't even take your own advice.. STOP BEING BIAS..( refereeing to the abusing gm's who think they have the right to do certain shit)... just because you can doesn't mean you should.

5. I apologize that I am not your mother and agree with everything you guys do... if I think something shouldn't be that way.. ill put my 2 cents in...

You rather listen to a kingergarden classroom than the teacher next door...

you changed the name cause the kids said so..
you changed the mall cause the kids said so..( which wasnt the location, but the organization of it all)

Your 4 stage PVP system was introduced by Vip players who want this WIDE FUCKING GAP between them and non vips so they can be OP vs them and faceroll all cause they genuinely suck dick at the game...

anyways... I hope you all grow up sooner than later, you re going to need it someday along the way... Enjoy your server and wish you the best of luck.

Happy Thanksgiving guys. take care. geek

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:announcement: Re: Farewell ZwowZ/ LegacyWoW.

Post  Dkz on Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:16 pm

about time bounce

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