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Unholy Dk bugs

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:announcement: Unholy Dk bugs

Post  Ner'zhul on Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:48 am

Here's the following bugs which i had time to found out:

Unholy Blight:Doesnt do 10% of damage after casted death coil.So basicly if u do like 6000 damage of death coil and after the target gets the DoT unholy blight it should do 600 damage each sec. At this moment damage base of this DoT is 40 damage

Unholy Might:At this moment is only increasing 5% of strenght when it should be 25%
Death and Decay:(Broken)Doesnt do damage when enemies are on the inside of DnD

Frost Fever:this passive spell is low on damage.At this moment i do for 70 damage on players and npcs

Pet Abilities:

Gnaw(Ghoul Form):Clicking on the ability dont work it.
Leap(Ghoul Form):Same as Above

And thats all the bugs i found for now. Incoming bugs are comming soon.

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LegacyWoW :: 4.3.4 :: Bugs

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