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Bugs In Duel Zone - Warrior - Shaman - GM offering

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:announcement: Bugs In Duel Zone - Warrior - Shaman - GM offering

Post  dreggs on Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:32 pm

! massive bug i found while just starting the game is in the duel zone u get there nothing is there apart from the teleporter(that wont teleport you anywhere) and a blood elf in the middle just standing there my problem with this is that u cant get back and 1 more prob i play a warrior not even half the spells are working i tried out a paladin they are great and the other class i noticed had issues with is the shaman which can be found in another post from a difrent guy 1 day before this post. BTW i would like to know how to become a GM i have had my own server before and been a GM on molten wow and Wowbeez + i have a HD PVR i can get u guys aload more people on your server but u gotta fix these probs first thx for your time reading this cya


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LegacyWoW :: 4.3.4 :: Bugs

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